An Alternative Way of Education


We are a group of people working on multiple projects. Brainstorming gives us the opportunity to combine our qualifications to identify serious unresolved educational issues.


We provide innovations for Computer and Mobile Learning. We develop Serious Games for educational purposes. Also, we innovate on virtual reality for educational purposes, such as virtual class, virtual training for disabled people, skills for employees of enterprises and public entities.


We love interacting with our people. We always take in consideration feedback and try to improve all our process, from brainstorming to final result.


Socrates Virtual, also known as SocratesVI, was founded with aim to make education easier and fun for everyone. The goal is to enhance the education system of the world by providing new innovative ideas and models on learning.

We are a group of people consisting of software engineers, occupational therapists, counseling psychologists and biologists. We try to combine our qualifications to mix education with technology.

Ongoing Projects
Projects Sumbitted for Review
European Union Projects

This group is supported by ALTERA VITA. ALTERA VITA is a Social Cooperative Enterprise of Collective and Social Benefirs (SCE) based in Syros and the action area of the Prefecture of Cyclades.

The Cooperative was founded with the aim of responding with professionalism and expertise to the needs of care and empowerment expressed by people and communities. The approach of ALTERA VITA is based on participation, active citizenship, reciprocity. The goal is the activation and the networking of the social and economic resources of the territories, promoting sustainable development and wellbeing of the communities.

In many projects, ALTERA VITA plays the role of activator of social resource and facilitator in the involvement of local civil networks. For the creation of welfare systems and services focused on the needs of the person, ALTERA VITA promotes co-projecting and networking of best practices.

ALTERA VITA is an active member of ENSA Network and European Youth Care Platform. ENSA is a network of cities and European Regions that has the aim of promoting international cooperation in the social field.